New Year, New Look: Introducing FundGuard’s Evolved Brand Design

It is with great excitement that we introduce FundGuard’s new brand design and launch our new website. Both have been refreshed to reflect FundGuard’s growth in the market, our expanded product offering, and the crystallization of our mission to facilitate safe and efficient asset growth for all investors.

“Along with purpose, differentiation has to be the underlying driver to refreshing a brand.”

Signaled by some of the world’s largest financial services organizations joining us as strategic investors and clients, FundGuard is well-positioned to transform the industry and establish a new era of global asset servicing capabilities for asset managers and their service providers.

The new brand design and corresponding new website reflect the transformation that we are bringing to the industry in collaboration with our clients and partners, while showcasing the innovation and expertise of our team.


We challenged our brand agency to develop an evolved logo that is solid, strong, agile and unburdened. To achieve this, they rounded out the letters of our original logo while balancing out the words “Fund” and “Guard” with equal line weighting. Of note is the very distinct “A,” which looks similar to a delta symbol or upward arrow – signifiers of change and growth. You’ll see elements of this symbol used creatively across the brand design on our website and other materials.

New full color FundGuard Logo


We have developed a distinct and scalable design style that uniquely belongs to FundGuard. This distinctive style is based around the usage of the iconic A within the logo. Throughout the website and our materials, you’ll see imagery with halftone screen visuals. The halftone graphic has been created to evoke the concept of data, order and process. Extremely modern and tech based in its feel, the brand allows the vibrancy of the color palette to come to the fore. The graphic style allows the possibility of scale, with flexible light and dark layouts to change up designs without losing brand association.

Examples of the new FundGuard brand.


To showcase our new brand, we have created a bold and bright new website. Designed to delight, our new site highlights the ever-expanding thought leadership from our team and partners, while providing intuitive access to the information and insights our visitors are seeking. You’ll see the website has a well-defined and engaging flow and sits on a modern tech stack that provides a system to quickly elevate content across our site while ensuring a seamless and productive experience for those who visit.


We were fortunate to work with a set of talented and creative collaborators who very adeptly translated our vision into a tangible series of new brand assets. Form Advertising created our unique and distinct new brand design and logo, which Red Lab then translated to our bold and bright website design. Both agencies were enthusiastic partners who aligned quickly with our objectives and delivered what we believe to be a delightful result.

Brand and Logo Design: Form Advertising
Website Design and Development: Red Lab

To learn more about our brand design or to request use of the FundGuard logo, please contact