Product Halftone

Digitalization Starts In
the Back

All in One Investment Accounting Solution


Cloud surrounded by a hexagon of connected dots

Single Source of Truth

Silhouette of a head with circuitry running through it

Cloud Native, AI Powered

Cloud surrounded by circuitry

Digital to the Core

Real time and knowledge-date historical access

Position • Valuation • Ledger • Cash Flow

Multi book with single fund/trade

ABOR/IBOR • GAAP/Tax • currencies • and more

Anomaly detection and recommendations

Financial anomalies • Ops KPI’s • auto-resolve exceptions

Workflows and collaboration

Oversight • Escalation • Contextual Chat

Rapid onboarding

Fast File Mapper “ETL” • Run • Reconfigure • Rerun • Repeat

All-in-one platform any time, anywhere

Report Studio • Recon • Ops and Management Dashboards

Cloud efficiency and time to market
Low operating cost • no setup • continuous deployment


Books of Record Icon

Multi-books of record

Database Icon
Single transactional dataset
Data Logo
Bitemporal data views
History Icon

Portfolio history with
full record‑keeping

Planning Icon

Real-time processing

and controls framework

Reconciliation Icon

Continuous reconciliation

Data Icon

Cash and positions data by dimension, locations and status

Revolutionizing investment Operations


Real-Time Investment Accounting Platform with Unlimited Multi-Book Capabilities – All from a Single Instance of All Trading Activities

Controls and digital workflows always running


Portfolio, GL and NAV balance values constantly versioned


Continuously executed test scenarios and recon


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ABOR Graphic
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FundGuard Portfolio Screenshot
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IBOR Graphic

Investment Book of record

All Investment Funds via Single Platform to Service Front, Middle, Back-Office Applications

Increased data quality, low operations costs

Seamless front office integration with FundGuard’s Analytics Engine


Single source of truth and data across all systems

Nav Contingency and Oversight

Fully Automated True-SaaS Accounting-Based Contingent NAV

Low-touch and fully matching Shadow NAV solution


Secondary location to address cyber risk


Full operation system ready if your primary system fails

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FundGuard Navigation Screenshot
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C-NAV Graphic

The Unburdened System

Establish a consistent global accounting operating model, transform product offerings to be API-driven, cloud-based and real-time, and leverage financial and operational data to deliver meaningful insights and operational improvements.

Increase Operational Efficiency

10x step-up using real time multi dimension design, AI-powered anomaly detection and streamlined collaborative and intuitive workflows.

Cut Through the Complexity

Eliminate need for hardware procurement, third party licenses, multi-vendor management, installation, testing, maintenance and upgrades.

Be First to Market

Support new financial products, new regulations, single transaction multi book, real time financials, and new technologies.

Protect and Scale

Protect your funds’ proprietary and most critical data and valuation while scaling for the future with our unparalleled and fully automated NAV Contingency, Primary NAV (ABOR) and Middle Office (IBOR) solutions.

New Era Investment Accounting Utility

Our clients are shaping the future of investment accounting and will be the first to see the benefits of a high-quality utility that is informed by cross-industry collaboration, removes the pain and risk of back-office processes and frees up time and resources for true differentiators.

Multiple Fund Views

Complete with general ledgers and NAV values in addition to portfolio holdings and cash

Real-Time Processing and Controls Framework

Fully configurable setting for complete processing of events and activities in real-time

NoSQL Big-Data Database Framework

Designed to handle near limitless volumes of data without the common constraints of relational databases

Redundancy for High Availability

Cloud-native, big-data database and distributed architecture enables near real-time business continuity and disaster recovery

Industry Certified