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FundGuard News and Insights: Top Five Hottest Blogs of the Summer

The hot and hazy days of summer are coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere, but there’s still some time left to get in a few last beach reads before sweater weather is upon us. In that spirit, we’ve compiled these top five most-read FundGuard blogs of the summer.


Not a beach person? No problem! Our team of technology experts and industry innovators are season agnostic, so feel free to just grab a pumpkin spiced latte and cozy up with these insightful blogs.

1. If You Build it, They Will Come

Lior Yogev, CEO, June 15, 2023

Five years ago, spurred on by the asset management industry’s lag in technological innovation, FundGuard launched the industry’s first truly cloud-native SaaS platform for Investment Accounting.  Reflecting on this year’s milestone anniversary, FundGuard CEO, Lior Yogev, discussed the catalyst for FundGuard’s collective vision and how our supportive ecosystem of FundGuard clients, partners and investors are helping to drive the future of investment operations. Read now.

2. Case Study: Delivering an Enhanced Contingent NAV Solution

FundGuard & Ultimus, June 28, 2023

Boutique service levels have always been a critical aspect of Ultimus’ value proposition to their asset management clients. So, when their clients began asking for additional daily oversight and the capabilities of an independent NAV contingency system to mitigate possible risks, Ultimus made it their mission to find a partner who could enhance their fund administration service offering with a tech-enhanced solution for shadow NAV monitoring.

After a careful review process, Ultimus chose FundGuard’s cloud-native, AI-powered, ultra-low-touch Contingent NAV solution. Here’s why.

3. Tech Talk: Contextualizing AI and Machine Learning for Investment Accounting

Yaniv Zecharya, CTO, July 5, 2023

A smart investment accounting system leverages AI and ML to enhance its processing capabilities. Ideally, a smart system should integrate both traditional statistics and machine learning models. This dual integration enables far greater efficiency and accuracy through a low- to no-touch process that reduces the amount of tedious, error-prone work that has traditionally been a hallmark of the very manual investment accounting process. In this chat with our CTO, FundGuard shines a light on the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance investment accounting operations. View the Q&A.

4. All-In-One Investment Accounting: The Case for Consolidation
Kirk Littleton, Sales Director, August 17, 2023

Asset managers and their service providers are now dealing with a smorgasbord of legacy investment accounting engines that all fundamentally do the same thing, but for different books of record, different asset classes and different jurisdictions. This has created a level of redundancy that increasingly drives up operational burdens and costs as the industry continues to scale. So how can firms leverage today’s cloud-native tech and APIs to remove the operational burdens and costs of accounting for the same investment portfolios across different engines? Find out.

5. FundGuard Partner Integrations: Powering Performance Measurement
Alan Schneider, Partnership Sales Director, August 9, 2023

A recent Meradia article described PBOR as the “ultimate intersection of a firm’s data infrastructure, and investment performance as an “enterprise data function in disguise,” while  this Citisoft report described the ongoing changes to the performance management space as seemingly “futuristic.” Inspired by these insights, we asked our Partnership Sales Director, Alan Schneider, to explain how an optimized investment accounting process can power the complete back-to-front investment management workflow and uniquely enhance PBOR production today. Here’s how.

We hope you enjoy this roundup of thought leadership from our team and encourage you to visit FundGuard’s New and Insights page for the full breadth of our industry insights and the latest in investment accounting innovation.

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