No Cloudwashing™




Conveying misleading information about cloud technology capabilities to persuade organizations into thinking that a provider’s SaaS offering is truly cloud native.

Truly cloud-native software is a pure SaaS offering developed exclusively for and in the cloud. It significantly reduces time to market for new functionality, delivers better data and analytics, enables seamless integration and unparalleled scalability. Further, cloud-native SaaS-based applications have proven to be more secure than legacy technology on the cloud: Cloud-native systems are designed, developed and deployed with cybersecurity and disaster recovery in mind, and they are quickly, easily and automatically patched and updated to stay ahead of threats.

A fully digital, front-to-back and cross-industry operating model, driven by the use of cloud-native technology and AI, is undoubtedly the future and FundGuard is at the vanguard of this change.


Cloud-enabled vs. Cloud-Native – Know the Difference


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