Abstract image of brains and digital circuitry implying AI and data flow.

Real-Time Investment Accounting Data: A Single Source of Truth

In his interview with Citisoft late last year, John Lehner discussed why legacy approaches to digitalization in asset management are no longer viable solutions. Likening it to a carpenter trying to build a new house from the roof down while the foundation slowly crumbles, he gave the example of an organization creating new portals and reporting tools that leverage cloud technology in the front-end, while their middle and back-office systems remain on decades old technology fed by fragmented data.

“Organizations that have worked their way down the technology stack – attempting to digitalize from top to bottom – are now realizing that – like a house – they need to put the foundation in first and then build from the bottom up.”


As John explained, digitalization that starts in the back and works its way up the technology stack will enable the foundational infrastructure for a true cross-enterprise digital model. To illustrate this point, we recently crafted the following infographic, which shows how within the FundGuard investment accounting platform, clients can create fit-for-purpose views of their data to support a variety of functions.  

An illustration of how investment accounting data can enrich each phase of the investment management process. Single Source of Truth Infographic, ©FundGuard 2023. All Rights Reserved.


With FundGuard, asset managers and their service providers can implement a digital-centric approach that starts from the back and is capable of manufacturing real-time investment accounting data for use cases across the entire investment management lifecycle. From FundGuard’s perspective, starting from scratch with one platform that provides data as a single source of truth across multiple sets of requirements is the only sane and possible way to transform and futureproof.

For a deeper dive, take a look at part one of Kirk Littleton’s three-part series, Smarter, Better, Faster Investment Accounting. Part II will drop on Wednesday, March 22. If you’d like an alert when the post is published, please submit your email via the footer form below or notify info@fundguard.com.