We are FundGuard

We are FundGuard

We strive to offer solutions that delight our customers, support latest financial and technological innovation and regulatory requirements, and offer unparalleled operational and technology efficiency. 

FundGuard is a cloud-based investment funds operating system powered by artificial intelligence. It helps asset and fund managers administer investments across mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds, insurance, and pension. The platform leverages modern cloud technologies, artificial intelligence and a revolutionary multi-dimension real-time design to transform an underserved industry that is limited today by archaic, primarily on-premise, batch based and non-scalable technology.

Recent announcements of zero fee funds represent an inflection point in the investment funds industry which has long been under pressure to reduce fees, and has been facing increasing competition from lower fee products and services such as ETFs and robo-advisors. This is a seismic shift towards lower costs across the investments ecosystem and shines the spotlight on operating efficiency. 

The company is led by an experienced team who are investment funds industry experts, as well as machine learning and enterprise cloud systems technology leaders.

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Join FundGuard at the forefront of innovative finanacial technology. We deliver phenomenal intelligence to the investment funds business, helping them provide outstanding service and reach groundbreaking results.