FundGuard x AWS:

Delivering Cloud-Native Fund and Investment Accounting Solutions

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FundGuard’s all-in-one investment accounting, fund accounting, and contingency Net Asset Value (NAV) solution is playing a central role in facilitating the asset management industry’s journey to the cloud.
Powered by FundGuard transforms the way in which the industry manages workflows, ever-increasing data volumes and evolving requirements from customers and regulators for business continuity, transparency and efficiency. Using AWS, FundGuard delivers clients a “single source of truth,” in real time, across multiple asset classes, regions and functions, along with distinct reconciliation, exception management, reporting and dashboard capabilities.
By harnessing AI and the power of the cloud, FundGuard’s technology allows its clients to be more cost effective and compliant.
“The asset management industry has struggled with a genuine and complete move to the cloud and the transformation of legacy systems which are not fit for purpose. By leveraging AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon EBS and other AWS services, we can offer our clients the best of the cloud, including the ability to store, retain and track data to allow them to adapt to changing market conditions, quickly respond to the development of new asset classes and manage the volume and complexity of their transactions.”

-Lior Yogev, FundGuard CEO and Co-Founder

FundGuard uses AWS services to provide unparalleled scalability and performance within an entirely new ecosystem in which data, and the processes and decisions that flow from that, move seamlessly around an organization by removing barriers.
The FundGuard Solution
  • Flexible, hierarchical accounting
  • Integrated workflows
  • Near real-time, unlimited scalability
  • Automated test center for continuous delivery
  • Exception rules library
  • Embedded collaboration tools for staff, customers or third parties
  • Near real-time transparency
  • Rapid onboarding and implementation with constant enhancements as a result of machine learning
These capabilities are made possible in
large part by:
  • Cloud-native big data technologies that can support ultra-low latency in peak times and can support any amount of data due to high scalability.
  • SaaS that is available across the globe, supporting local fast access and in-country data residency.
  • Security services that enable us to secure our clients’ data, including authentication and authorization, the prevention of malware access, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) prevention, and data encryption at rest and on transport.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) and other AWS storage products and services that keep record of terrabytes of financial historical data, providing access to historical data within seconds.
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